Took my Insignia to Promap…

When all others refused to work on it. On arrival the lads were great, very friendly and went to work straight away on my vehicle. All the way through the process they showed me what they were doing with my ECU. When the job was done they took my car for a run then handed it back to me to see if I was happy before I made payment. I was worried about having a remap when others in the Cheshire area refused to work on it or wanted £400 plus. The car now runs great, lots more power and thanks to Promap a saving of £200. If you want a remap in Cheshire pay these lads a visit! 10/10 for service and price.


Alan, Ellesmere Port

They did a great job…

Of my 118D F20. The Longlife people made a great difference to the exhaust note while the Promap people increased the power of the car dramatically, it was like a new car. Really really good service, the staff couldn’t do more for you. You can feel the improvements. Trust me!


Jordan, Stockport

Had my E92 325i remapped…

Today by the guys at Promap.. Gobsmacked by the results they have managed to achieve! My car was on the dyno and had before and after map runs.. Before the map 212bhp, after the map 276bhp!! James and Mark are awesome at what they do and I cannot recommend them enough. Great guys. Great company. Great results!


Ryan, Leeds

Thanks for your kind words about my car today…

Mark showed total care and attention to my motor when removing and refitting the ECU before installing the map, and as a result it now has a very responsive throttle with crisp acceleration with instant power in 5th and 6th. My route home took me down the Welsh road and motorway, so you can imagine the look on my face when I got home, thanks again.


Gavin, Chester

Absolutely cracking bunch of guys…

I drove down from Glasgow to have a timing belt, water pump, welded inlet manifold and remap done to my vectra c 1.9 cdti, and including the fuel was still cheaper than getting the same work done at home, dropped the car to them for 10 and mark dropped me off at the big shopping complex at Ellesmere Port, came back and got me when car was finished. Can’t recommend these guys enough.


Barry, Glasgow

I first heard about Promap Tuning 12 months ago…

Quite a few  people were talking on forums etc about how good their services were so i thought I’d give them a ring about having my Vectra 150 CDTi remapped and an EGR delete. Straight away you could tell you were talking to people who knew what they were on about and that they had a genuine passion about what they were doing.

2 months later and I’m sitting outside their premises waiting for the work to begin, no rushing or idle chit chat taking place, just genuine conversations about what i wanted from my remap and what they could offer me. I was a bit nervous about getting my car done as you never quite know what to expect but even before the process started I felt comfortable that I would be happy with the results and thats how it turned out to be. Throughout the process I was kept informed about what was going on, about how a copy of my original files were kept on their database and all the other things you’d like to hear about but a lot of companies like to either keep secret or make you feel like your just another car in the queue.

I can’t remember how long it took from start to finish but it was quicker than I expected, my main memory from that day was the difference in my car on the first test drive afterwards. Although my car was quite quick, smooth with good mpg beforehand, I always felt it could be better but I was totally unprepared for the transformation.

Not only did I get the obvious power gains I was hoping for, the car now almost feels like its had a engine transplant, so much smoother in the power delivery was not what I was expecting, and although I had heard you could also get a increase in mpg I have gained over 10 mpg more than I had before.

Its been about 10 months since I had my remap and its still running perfect, starts easily, slightly quicker than when the map first was done and incredibly frugal on fuel if I drive with a light foot.

The guys from Promap Tuning are still on many forums/Facebook giving free advice, still full of enthusiasm for what they do and I honestly could not praise or recommend them highly enough.

If you have ever worried about having your car remapped have a quick chat with these guys, you won’t be disappointed.
Thank you.

Billy, Deeside

I’ve had 3 cars remapped by Promap Tuning now…

And each time they were professional, helpful and their prices can’t be beaten!
I’ve had 2 Seat Altea’s done and a Mazda 6 so far!

Top guys!

Craig, Ellesmere Port

Just had my Zafira B 1.9CDTi 150…

Done by pro map tuning and what a difference in the power. Very professional service and very nice guy to talk to. I traveled down from Glasgow (not just for the map I was down for the bsb round at olton park.) to get the map done as the reviews and word of mouth was excellent. Would highly recommend.

Allan, Glasgow

Had my bus remapped using the Powergate 3…

Tool from Pro Map Tuning absolutely fantastic piece of kit really easy to use and I have the choice to change back to my original map if I ever choose to. It’s not an eBay plug and play rubbish map you get the same map as you would if you went down to his workshop, I’d heard nothing but good things about his work but it was just a little far for me to warrant driving there so this tool was just perfect, it also has a built in fault code reader which works on many cars that comes in handy. My map was for more power approx 40bhp an egr delete and machine gun limiter and it is fantastic pulls like a train now it has transformed the car. I wouldn’t go anywhere else you get such a personal service any questions you have they’re ready to answer the customer service is brilliant really can’t rate them enough. And the tool is well worth the money can’t fault it one bit.


Having had my Vectra 120 CDTI mapped previously by another company…

I was unhappy with the results thus i searched around and got intouch with Promap Tuning. After a friendly conversation I decided to go ahead with their in-depth advice and to sort out a new map. This would hopefully improve the fuel consumption and give additional power.

The results were simply amazing!! The car was a completely different vehicle. A few months later we purchased a Vectra 150 CDTI which was also remapped by Promap Tuning too, without a second thought.
I have nothing but praise for these guys, they certainly know what they are doing and I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone.
Great work guys, thank you again.
A very happy Promap customer!

Paul, Ellesmere Port

Absolutely the best choice…

I’ve made for a while, had my 2011 320D E93 mapped yesterday and the results are epic! Great friendly bunch of guys I highly recommend them. These are not amateurs they are professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. Cheers guys the results are outstanding!!!


Jonny, Manchester

Top lads…

330i in for a remap. Loved the drive home and will be visiting again in the near future!


Colin, Manchester

Had my BMW…

E90 mapped at Promap today! Can’t believe how well it’s responded! I’m really pleased with the results, and would definitely recommend them! Real friendly guys as well!


Rebekah, Midlands

Hi guys,

Thought I’d send you an email to thank you for all the hard work and advise over the weekend. Cannot believe the transformation! Absolutely gobsmacked with it haha!

 I’ve left a review on your facebook page for you and will 100% recommend you to anyone looking for a remap/ exhaust etc.

 Thanks again, and all the best.


Nathan, Yorkshire

Traveled 100+ miles…

To have the Genius’s at Promap do the works on my car, they were polite, courteous & efficient, giving me every opportunity to test the car and make sure I was fully satisfied before paying, I genuinely can’t stress how good these guys are!


Will, Midlands

Well, been to Promap today with my E90…

Well, been to Promap today with my E90 320D msport for stage1 remap, egr delete and hardcut limiter. Met a very friendly Mark who explained everything and cracked straight on. 1hr and 20mins later it was done and was told to go play! WOW what a difference! Happily paid and then had a 150 mile run back home… So much more driveable, pulls in 6th gear…. Pre map would sit at 75mph showing 50mpg, now sits at 85mph showing the same! Top guys, top service! Will recommend them to anyone!!!


Ashley, Lincoln

Quick review of Powergate 3

And custom map by James over @ Promap Tuning: had my my 335i E93 2009 for a little over 6 months now, decided it was time for a remap (speed demon at heart!!). Having reviewed a lot of options, including the JB4 and various OBD remap options, Promap Tuning cropped up quite a bit as did the Powergate 3 option! Im a reasonable distance away so figured id give the Powergate 3 a go.

Pm’d James on here last Sunday asked him a few questions to which he fired back spot on answers everytime, felt comfortable with what he said so went ahead and bought the Powergate 3. Arrived Wednesday morning as expected. Well package, very simple to use, virtually does everything itself which is exactly what I wanted. Downloaded existing map on Thursday evening (took approx. 1 hour) and fire it over to James.

9am Friday morning, new custom map was in my inbox ready to be installed (spot on service)! So, some of you may have noticed my panic post yesterday regarding the map upload failing, turns out it was me being a dick and not having the ignition on! Once we’d resolved that problem, custom map went in no problem at all (approx. 15 mins upload) took the advice from James to buy a trickle charger and keep it hooked up to stablize battery too.

Now, the car is a completely different animal, mildly moist on the roads last night and I had the car snaking down the road; it was fantastic.

Cant recommend the tool or Promap for the overall service and very much recommended!!

I took a customers e46 330D…

to James and the team at Promap and all I can say is WOW! The power difference was amazing
Very easy to talk too, and a pair of genuine people. Well impressed can’t wait to let them loose on my Astra van. 10/10 cheers lads

Dave, Newcastle under Lyme

After a 3 hour trip across country…

for a straightforward remap to my 325i. Things didn’t go quite to plan due to incorrect existing software on my car ,when it looked like I may have to drive home empty handed, a plan was hatched and executed. My car now has correct software and loads more power cheers top job.

Nick, East Sussex

I have used Promap Tuning on a couple of occasions now…

And I really cant recommend them enough, faultless service and products, great prices and to top it off they are great guys and I will be back in the future for further ecu enhancements 😉

Mick, Derby

I had my Corsa LE mapped today by the guys at Promap…

Brilliant lads to deal with. Will answer any questions stupid or not.

I wanted a bit more power and better drivability. The car had a fair few flat spots and made pulling out a nightmare. The guys sorted this right out and the car can now pull out safely without bogging down feels a lot smoother through the rev range and I don’t have to scream the thing everywhere on the motorway.

All in all the lads achieved everything I wanted. I will be sending them some more updates on MPG also at a later date. Highly recommend even just talking to the guys!!

Dean, Ellesmere Port

Fantastic job done!

I still can’t believe what a difference it’s made I honestly didn’t think that it would have made such a difference. I strongly recommend Promap if you’re thinking of having it done, then look no further!! These guys are your answer. Thanks lads fantastic performance and great service!

Many thanks!

David, Altrincham