ECU Remapping


Before understanding what a remap is, it is necessary to understand how the engine is controlled in the first place. The engine is run by the engine ECU which governs all of its parameters. Feedback is taken from many sensors around and in the engine to determine how much power the driver is asking for, the state of the engine and the position it is in (i.e. which cylinder is next to fire) etc. This information is then looked up in tables so the ECU can then inject more fuel, allow more boost in a turbo application, change the ignition advance etc. A remap reprograms these tables to inject more fuel, allow more boost etc. which in turn means a higher output from the engine.

We can do this by expertly adjusting fuelling, ignition, boost, etc. to enable the engine to perform at its most efficient. Our remaps are designed to optimise efficiency but not at the expense of reliability. They are guaranteed to be safe and we are fully insured for upto £1,000,000.00.

We are also able to tune the latest anti-tuning ECUs from Audi, BMW, Mercedes and VW, including the Bosch EDC17 ECU on the latest turbo diesels. We have the latest Tricore interface to enable these ECUs to be safely tuned despite the sophisticated anti-tuning protection!**

Our software cannot usually be detected by Main Dealers. However if for some reason you did want to revert the car to its original map this isn’t a problem as the original settings are saved on our server. The maps can be swapped between modified and standard and back again as often as you like.

Unlocking Hidden Performance

Most manufacturers restrict a car’s performance deliberately for many reasons. A prime example of this practice lies with the Mini. The Cooper model has 115BHP and the One has 90BHP despite being the exact same engine running the exact same ECU. The only difference is that the factory map on the One only allows the throttle to open to 68%, where as the Cooper can open fully. Why do they do this? You wouldn’t want the base model to be as fast as the next one up now would you? We can map the One to 125BHP whilst maintaining economy with a stage 2 map giving it 10BHP more than the Cooper.

Our Remaps

If you just want improved economy to combat today’s high fuel prices we can help by offering economy maps with up to 20% gains in economy. We offer various stages of tune and you can go straight in at any level.

Our Stages

Economy – Our economy stage is a suitable remap for those that are interested in getting the best fuel economy from their vehicle, and aren’t as interested in pushing the performance to our stage 1 remap. We can achieve these economy results by adjusting the maps within the ECU to deliver power at lower revs, which in turn increases fuel economy.*

Our simple equation is more torque (at lower revs) + higher gears = increased MPG

Stage 1 РThis is a specially tailored remap for your vehicle. It is designed to work with standard or lightly modified vehicles to produce  impressive performance and to improve overall drivability, without having an adverse effect on fuel economy.

Stage 2 – The stage 2 remap builds on the stage 1. This is generally used for vehicles with decat exhaust systems, upgraded air intake systems and front mount intercoolers (FMIC’s). With the above changes to the vehicle, we can safely increase the boost levels, ignition timing and fuelling, amongst other things, to maximise the performance from your vehicle.

Stage 3 – The stage 3 is the ultimate performance upgrade for cars fitted with hybrid turbos, larger injectors as well as the modifications listed in our stage 2 remap. We can cater for nearly all upgrades, however please contact us in advance if you think you require the stage 3, so we can advise you accordingly.

*This is mainly suited towards turbo-diesel engines.

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