Promap Tuning are specialists in custom ECU remapping. We do this by expertly adjusting fuelling, ignition, boost, etc. to enable the engine to perform at its most efficient. Our full custom remaps are designed to optimise efficiency but not at the expense of reliability.

Promap have many dealers throughout the UK.

Most of our centres are  able to tune the latest antituning ECUs from Audi, BMW, Mercedes and VW. We have the latest Tricore interface to enable these ECUs to be safely tuned despite the sophisticated anti-tuning protection, including the latest MD1 and MG1 series of Ecus. 

Our software is Dyno developed so you can be sure of good reliable gains each time .

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Promap Tuning are proud to be an approved dealer for the highly acclaimed XHP Flashtool transmission software.

XHP Flashtool software can totally transform the behaviour and performance of BMW automatic transmissions.

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Wagner Tuning are one of the leading suppliers of Intercoolers and performance Downpipes.

Promap Tuning are proud to offer these fantastic products to our customers for their vehicles.

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I have had both an engine and gearbox remap done by Promap now and can’t fault them at all. They are clearly experts at what they do and each visit, I leave with a grin. Thanks again

Took my new to have a stage 1 map, well happy with the result, taking my golf there in a couple of month for stage 1, then stage 2.

Took my 330d e90 for a remap ..drove nearly 3 hours frm Middlesbrough , greeted by mark who dropped me as the local Starbucks so I wasn’t waiting in the unit ! Was done within hour n half , customer service was spot on pulsar pick a fault if I tried !

I always check the feed back before using a company and people always say my cars smoother it’s this its that etc! I thought ppl must over exaggerate a bit !
How wrong I was the power from the car is absolutely amazing it’s changed the car completely . So responsive and instant . It always ready to Jst Launch!
Mpg on motor way is up 3/4mpg round town I imagine it will be up slightly also but the power and torque it kicks out is amazing !
Gettin a rolling road next week I’ll be sure to let you guys know !

Highly recommend these !!!!!!! Well worth the drive all day long !

Many thanks to mark and the other

Excellent service by the team
Seen many cars been done my them
Very stable
Well done unlike other tuners with premade untested software
Custom made maps which iv seen to be perfectly reliable and within perfectly good safe limits for your vehicle
Widely used and many options for customers to go around choosing what is right for them
Economy, power or even a custom map, or even adjustable depending on what you want
Power delivery iv felt in a tuned 335d e92 compared to stock was clean and well delivered with a gearbox map they have provided aswell which worked together and completely transformed the vehicle and being sceptical about the fuel economy, it did very well increase it moderately
They make it clear how they work and are honest which I like to see as other tuners clearly seem to use cheap methods and ratios to make a car seem like it remapped but it just a case of throwing more fuel in through some port or sensor
The guy here James or whoever it was actually opened the ecu and did the full monty and has neat branding to put their level of work besides it
For the prices offered, which was cheap for what I was expecting, I wouldn’t go anywhere else or these cowboys who don’t have anything tested really and are not doing it properly
Will be recommending everyone

Absolutely fantastic service, dropped my car off for stage one remap and gearbox on my 530d. the results are perfect, no more lag and alot more power. fast service no messing about. would recommend to anyone that’s looking for a professional tuner

Just had a Stage 3 installed on my 335d! Speechless. Only 6 months ago I was close to trading the car in due to a disastrous experience with another tuner. The fact Promap has got the exact same car performing the way it is, it’s just unreal. Unbelievable in every way!

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